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People helping people, neighbors standing together 

Tragedy has many faces

Not Every Storm In Life Is A Hurricane


The Mission of NCEC , is to work with, work for, and to work from the Church and its related organizations. 



Collaboration is an effective method for national service organizations and other volunteer agencies to meet common goals.

Through collaboration, organizations can improve themselves by joining together to take on issues that would be beyond the scope of any single group. Maximizing this type of relationship benefits partners, individuals, and the communities served.


 The vision was in our hearts to create a place of strength and accomplishment through a consortium of relationships. We do not pretend that the concept is original; it isn’t. We have perused the obvious. The implementing of this consortium not only gives strength through a united front, it opens avenues that have only been available to corporate philanthropic groups, or the “big name” ministries. This system allows us entrance into the same arena without diluting our individual identities and could allow us an opportunity to minimize time factors in funding, construction, and in marketing 


NCEC - “National Church Empowerment Consortium”

Partnership is Power!


Partnership is Power! As our partnership grows, so does our diversity and our ability to make a difference. NCEC enlists “partners rather than “members”.

The Notion!


That communities of faith should confine their concerns only to spiritual matters is being reconsidered …

The Church

 Is consistently the most effective instrument of care and concern for individuals and for a community’s survival 

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Star Shine ~ Team Win!

   NCEC, headquartered in Waco, Texas, is a 501(c) 3 entity. The national office has responsibility for providing guidance and available resources to partners by empowering them in their efforts at the grassroots level. NCEC will serve as a national intermediary to bring resources, expertise, and funding opportunities to churches and individuals working for the Kingdom  of God